Savarino's Sandwich Showdown: Pagetta 1, Silverman 0



Friggin' Joe Pagetta. Granted, the talented songwriter (and Nashville Public Television's media relations manager) has been going to Savarino's at least as long and as often as I have, but still, I've been lobbying for a namesake sandwich as hard as a typical McCain campaign aide lobbies for special interests. But now Pagetta's got a sandwich named after him, as he explains on his blog Cultural Sponge.

Now look at the names of the other Savarino's sandwiches on the menu, shown below:


Notice any similarities among the names? Put those names along with "Silverman" and it's like an SAT question, "Which of the following doesn't belong?" Is Corrado Savarino discriminating against my Hebrew heritage?

Why else wouldn't he want to add my sandwich to the menu. I mean, bagel, lox, prosciutto and eggplant is epicurean genius, no?

OK, maybe it needs work. And admittedly, the Pagetta—prosciutto, mozzarella, tomatoes and pesto—looks pretty damn good.

So help me out. Herring and mozzarella blintzes? Borscht minestrone? Fettuccine with chopped liver sauce? Gefilte fish calzones? Halvah cannolis? Come on someone throw me a (whitefish) bone!

(Hey, wait a minute. Look at that sandwich board again. Why...WTF!? Shaughnesso?! Did someone alter their Irish name just to fit in? Well, how about the Jack Silvermanini? Silvermanessimo? Silvestro? Hey, I'm willing to compromise!)

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