A Popeye's Fried Chicken How-To



In response to a recent comment on Friday's fast-food rating post and link on Bites, it's time, I suppose, to publish this tidbit. I've been keeping it to myself, selfishly, for years. Finally, the time--and the audience--seems right.

After nearly two decades of occasional travel in the deep South, the Wood family has discovered that the trick to getting a great meal at Popeye's is to avoid Popeye's locations north of Jackson, Miss.

There's probably an exception in each town—possibly all of Memphis, for instance. In Nashville, the exception is the Popeye's on Jefferson, where we stopped recently.

Spicy, juicy, savory and greasy. It was the Popeye's you hope for every time, wherever you order it. Know of a good Popeye's location in town or in another city?

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