Would you like McCains with that?



The election here has been a deep, deep well of amusement to Canadians and Brits for, well, several reasons that I'm underqualified to discuss. But here's the one that brings a sly smile to the lips of every Brit or Canadian, every time the election is mentioned: John McCain shares a name with the top name in frozen potato products in the UK and commonwealth.

That's right: McCain is the First Name in chips. The Ore-Ida of Albion. And he's President Spud. "Mash" McCain. Call him "Tater."

Here's a 2006 ad, a big musical number called Chips Glorious Chips. If you're nostalgic for 1980s styles, some clever fella has posted a series of vintage McCain ads, none more squirm-inducing than the Southern chips ad, but all featuring what one long-ago editor here at the Scene called "The Ninja Bang Mousse-Up."


You could have a lot of fun with McCain pun-spotting. It could be a drinking game along the lines of Hi Bob. If I'd been listening to the coverage, here would be where I'd insert a witty example. But alas, I cover my ears and run for the kitchen when the campaign talk starts, so I leave it to you to supply the amusing parts.

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