Carrington's Holiday Wish List (WARNING: May Contain Nuts)



Not a day goes by without someone asking me, "What do I get Carrington Fox for the holidays?" Well she didn't want me to say anything, but this is at the top of her wish list. Titled The Testicle Cookbook: Cooking With Balls, the e-book from digital online publisher YUDU highlights recipes from Serbian chef Ljubomir Erovic featuring nads of all stripes—stallions, ostriches (mmmm!), bulls, pigs and turkeys.

It's no secret that Carrington has long been an aficionado of Serbian cuisine, not to mention she's the ballsiest food critic in town. So why not make her happy this holiday season? If any of you are thinking of preparing a dish for Foxy, keep in mind that her family has some Jewish roots on hubby's side, so you may want to stay away from the pig balls.

By the way, you can see sample pages from the book here. Recipes include instructions such as, "Wash the testicles thoroughly for 30-45 minutes," a credo Jim Ridley swears by—and he's not even cooking them.

The best part may be the dedication: "To my parents and grandmother Ruza Macic for introducing me to the delicious world of testicles, even if they did lie about it!" Sounds like testimony from a Department of Children's Services investigation.

And for those of you who are fluent in Serbian, here's a delicious recipe for testicle pizza.

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