The Bake Sale That Takes the Cake



Forget what you know about bake sales—the bake sale at the Julia Green School Fall Carnival is the big-box store of bake sales.

My first year as a Julia Green parent, I proudly showed up on sale day with three cakes I spent all week baking. My efforts were dwarfed by others' labors. The intake tables were already so loaded down that the organizers were using the stage in the cafetorium for overflow.

If you've baked a scratch cake lately, you know how much work goes into making a cake and frosting. Well, baker Dalih Suchet supplies about two dozen to the sale some years. Last year, the carnival moved to JT Moore Middle school, where organizers set up risers to hold all her cakes.


If the cakes are the marquee event, the children's treats are the window dressing that brings 'em in. Along the tables are treats priced for children's pocket change—a cup of puppy chow or a Halloween-themed cupcake. The real meat-and-potatoes are goodies targeted specifically at your checkbook: coffeecakes, baguettes, pecan pie bars, multi-grain breads.

The event also includes a spaghetti supper with food supplied by Carrabba’s ($6 adults and $3 children) and a carnival with games, crafts and much more.

The carnival runs 5:30-8:30 p.m. today at JT Moore Middle School, 4425 Granny White Pike.

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