Ham-tastic Fun in Spring Hill, Oct. 4



If your ham's got game, why not see how it stacks up this weekend at the fifth annual John Maher Builders Spring Hill Country Ham Festival. Filled with country ham competitions, pig racing, a farmers market, kids games, craft demonstrations, balloon rides, live music, a petting zoo and unabashedly high-fat, high-sodium delights, the day kicks off 10 a.m. Saturday, Oct. 4. on the grounds of the Tennessee Children's Home (804 Branham Hughes Blvd., Spring Hill).

Scene writer P.J. Tobia hoofed it to the 14th fastest growing town in America last year, as part of his Philadelphia-boy-explores-the-rituals-of-indigenous-Southerners enterprise, and he had this to say about Spring Hill's family-friendly salute to salt-cured pork: “Damn, y'all. It was ham-tastic.”

P.J. still can't really pronounce “y'all” right, but he did seem changed forever by what he saw in Spring Hill.

Admission is $5 a carload in the parking lot or $3 a person at the ticket booth. Kids under 12 are free. Proceeds benefit the Tennessee Children's Home.

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