Mas Tacos Por Favor!



It's an idea so simple, so obvious, so brilliant, so...diabolical!...that I'm kicking myself for not thinking of it first—a taco truck parked weekend nights outside the thriving hot spots of East Nashville's Five Points. Duh!

Well, Teresa Mason beat me to it. Teresa, whom you may remember as a bartender from Rumours Wine Bar in 12 South, recently converted a mid-'70s Winnebago into her own personal taco truck called Mas Tacos Por Favor. She plans to park it weekend nights (and perhaps some weekdays) in the area featuring Red Door East, 3 Crow Bar and The 5 Spot, and will likely move to other parts of Nashville for special events.

Tonight is the official inaugural ride, which may include stops at Next Big Nashville events at City Hall and elsewhere before taking up its late-night post at the corner of 11th and Woodland. On the menu this evening: a variety of tacos (chicken, fish, quinoa and spicy mashed potatoes) as well as tamales and a refreshing fruit drink, watermelon agua fresca.

I sampled chicken tacos and the agua fresca during a trial run at the Tomato Arts Festival, and both were most excellent. Screw the bars: I'd make the trek to Five Points just for the food! (Of course, I only live 10 blocks away.)

As much as I envy her entrepreneurial spirit, come to think of it, I'm not so sure I'd want to deal with a couple hundred drunk folks at 1 in the morning. But an East Nashville drunk is probably no worse than the occasional pretentious wine snob she had to stomach at Rumours. For my own selfish, gluttonous purposes, I hope she succeeds. And Teresa, have you ever considered parking the 'Bago on McKennie between 14th and Chapel? My front porch is bustling on a Friday night.

If you check it out, please report back. And check out for more information.

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