Bobby Flay vs. the Paz Sisters: It's On!



Remember last November, when an innocuous invitation-only Food Network taping at Fido turned out to be a paleta-packin' Throwdown between superstar chef Bobby Flay and Las Paletas' lovable Paz sisters? Remember how little Max Bernstein, heir to the Bongo/Paletas empire, reported Flay's first words upon tasting one of Irma and Norma Paz's handmade popsicles: "This is f*&@ing good!" Remember how Carrington showed up to participate and wound up drafted as a judge, meaning she had to come up with an array of non-trademarked euphemisms for "popsicle?" (I believe "Frosty the Phallus" was one contender.)

Why, it seems as if it happened just eight months ago. And now comes word that the climactic episode will finally air! Set your TiVo for Aug. 13 on the Food Network, where you can see who emerges triumphant in the frozen-treat face-off. We'll keep you posted about a large-screen outdoor viewing event scheduled for the big night. We'll also torture Carrington with reruns of Paula's Party until she gives up the winner.

In the meantime, if you need a broadcast fix of the gorgeous Irma Paz Bernstein, check out her cameo in the video for Alan Jackson's "Good Time."

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