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If you made it to Soup Sunday at LP Field this weekend, you might have had a preview of Mitchell Delicatessen, which is coming soon to Riverside Village. Chef Julia Helton was ladling out soup as well as handing out menus for Mitchell's, where she will help owner David Mitchell with the catering and cheese service at his neighborhood shop.

The simple black-and-white trifold lists meats and cheeses by the pound, including roast lamb, prosciutto, smoked salmon, fresh mozzarella and brie. Salads run the gamut from roasted beet to tuna with jicama, and soups include gazpacho, curried potato-apple and cioppino. Among the sandwiches, lamb with mint raita piques our interest, as do the caprese, banh mi and muffuletta.

Mitchell's is located at 1402 McGavock and is slated to open in early March.

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