Same but Different



Welcome to the first episode of a recurring Bites series called Same but Different. This feature will examine things that are the same but, yes, different.

For example, in the photograph above you see two aluminum chairs that look pretty much the same, but they are actually very...well, you know. One is the classic design of the 1950s-era Navy chair manufactured by Emeco. The other is a knock-off.

One is the chair you will sit in while dining at Ombi. The other you will find at City House.

One costs approximately $400. The other is available for less than a C-note.

One had a cameo in last week's episode of the glitzy new drama Lipstick Jungle.

Who can tell the difference between the two chairs? Who knows which is where and how much? More importantly, who cares?

This has been an episode of Same but Different. In future episodes we will examine other similar but different pairs, such as the nearly interchangeable Sex in the City spin-offs Lipstick Jungle and Cashmere Mafia. When appropriate, such comparisons might give way to the occasional Mr. Pink's® Death Match, in which we will somehow pit the similar but different items against each other in a bloodless and wager-free competition.

If you would like to submit a pair of similar but different items for consideration, please send your idea, along with a self-addressed stamped envelop and $100 cash to Bites. Or simply post your ideas below.


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