Iced, Iced, Baby



When another Fox family birthday rolled around this month, I asked my friend Brooke O’Dell if she could make a cake. Every so often, Brooke mentions that she’s helping a bride or a friend come up with a creative dessert, so I figured she could throw together a little 9-by-12 number, with pale icing in case the phalanx of toddlers invading my house wanted to stress-test the carpets and walls for stain resistance.

Did I want any particular theme, she asked. What the hell, make it a Ratatouille cake, I said, fully expecting her to smack a plastic mouse in the center of Betty Crocker’s finest.

When Brooke arrived with the glorious artwork depicted above—rat, fork and napkin sculpted from fondant, meatballs shaped from Rice Krispies and covered in dark chocolate, noodles of buttercream topped with marinara of white chocolate ganache and grated white chocolate Parmesan—I could not believe my eyes. Not only was it an outstanding piece of handiwork, but it was also delicious, with moist slabs of sour cream-vanilla pound cake layered with Swiss meringue buttercream. I’d say it was too pretty to eat, but this is me we’re talking about. I ate it. I wrestled it from the hands of small children and ate it. It was the best rat I’ve ever eaten.

If you’re in the market for a cake—Groundhog Day is coming up, and just imagine what Brooke could do for that—call Brooke at Ice This Cakes & Confections, 260-8127.

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