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Care for some Russian dressing with your Russian lit? Chips and a side of Salinger? Cheddar and Cheever? A BLT with the Bacon who wrote Shakespeare's plays? Anything's possible at Sherlock's Deli, which just opened in the Sherlock's Book Emporium and Curiosities complex about a half-hour east of Nashville in Lebanon.

Why make a big deal about a bookstore-slash-deli in the next county? For one thing, it's rare enough that someone opens an independent bookstore for new releases—let alone one the size of Sherlock's, the largest new indie bookseller in the state. It includes more than $500,000 in rare books, a section spotlighting new authors, cases of engagingly bizarre TV and movie memorabilia, a surprisingly plush screening room with classics projected on large-screen DVD round the clock, and a hobby shop with model-train paraphernalia.

As for the deli, it's a New York-style sandwich shop dishing out $7-$9 sammies "with eight ounces of meat on each sandwich," says manager Joe Hansen, who boasts that 75 percent of his customers so far need a to-go box. Along with clam chowder, chili and beef stew, Sherlock's serves up a breakfast of sausage and biscuits, gravy, bacon and eggs for early birds. And if you want dinner and a movie, you can take a theater tray into the screening room.

Sherlock's is located at 200 Maddox-Simpson Pkwy., not far off Exit 236. Call 449-9807 for more information.

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