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In this week's dining review of The Pfunky Griddle, I applaud Penelope Pfunter's pfun and pfriendly concept of all-you-can-eat/cook-your-own-pancakes, especially her efforts to provide wholesome, unrefined flours for her pancake batters.

But since my job is to evaluate a restaurant's food and not its cash flows, I also make a few expensive suggestions that would raise the quality of other items to the level of the pancakes—and the custom-built griddle tables. Specifically, I recommend that Pfuntner shore up the coffee, bread and bacon, and that someday she aim to offer real maple syrup, even if she has to charge a premium for it., bread, bacon and maple syrup. For me, I'm all about Smithfield brown-sugar-cured bacon, challah French toast, thick coffee made with a French press, and whatever grade-A maple happens to be sticking around. But I bet that you Biters have some better ideas. I can think of at least a few of you who are probably braiding your own bread and mail-ordering from a mounted maple patrol. Care to share your favorite breakfast staples?

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