Best Urban Design Move by Mayor Karl Dean

The Riverfront Plan

It's a call of nature for the new alpha dog to pee on the fireplug already doused by his predecessors. Fortunately for Nashville's riverfront, Mayor Dean resisted this all-too-basic urge, after a few taps with a rolled-up newspaper. During the Purcell administration, a two-year master planning effort for the banks of the Cumberland River downtown gave priority to the 17-acre Adventure Park, an East Bank playland of spray fountains and water pools, climbing walls and cascades, picnic lawn and amphitheater. When Mayor Dean decided to get started with riverfront rehab last spring, however, he announced he wanted to re-examine the order of priorities. The always vocal citizens of East Nashville said: "Been there; done that." Dean pulled a Gilda Radner and said, "Never mind." Now citizens of both banks could soon see some 3-D results from their planning. CHRISTINE KREYLING
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