Best Under-Reported Music Story

Magic Wands

So, did you hear the gossip about Magic Wands and their disaster-prone attempt to get out of the country and play at the U.K.'s Glastonbury Festival? No? Oops—our bad. But you heard that they spent most of August recording their debut with the knob-twiddler behind Santogold's stellar breakthrough album, right? Oh, yeah—we didn't report that one either, did we? It's not that we're uninterested, but our relationship with the Wands got off to a rocky—verging on litigious—start, and we didn't have the heart to act like vengeful tabloid scum. 'Cuz frankly, we're fascinated by the mysterious duo. That, and we want first dibs on writing the scandalous tell-all biography that will surely result from this enigmatic band's inevitable rise and fall. —SEAN L. MALONEY

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