Best Sunday Dinner

City House

We're not sure if we have Jesus or football to blame, but very few of Nashville's finest dining establishments are open on Sundays. Capitalizing on this dearth of options, Tandy Wilson's City House offers a special Sunday menu that's lighter on the entrées and heavier on the pizzas, which are to die for. Cooked in a wood-burning brick-oven and featuring a pitch-perfect crust, the pies are available in a variety sure to please both vegetarians and omnivores. Recent selections have included a squash-and-zucchini pizza with ricotta, garlic and thyme, and a decadent combo of fennel, zumpina (house-made Italian sausage) and pecorino. And Sunday also spotlights the much vaunted "Pork Snacks" selection: When was the last time you had pig's heart? Crispy pig ears? Head cheese? Here's hoping my rabbi isn't reading. Jack Silverman

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