Best Radio Show No Longer on the Radio

The Best of Bread

After their unexpected and controversial dismissal from Vanderbilt's 91.1 WRVU–FM due to an equipment violation ("After four years, Chris and Greg Crofton's WRVU show Best of Bread is toast," Sept. 17), fraternal hosts Chris and Greg Crofton are left without a broadcasting home. It's a shame, too, because the brothers' unique oeuvre on the airwaves had made them something of a local institution over the past four years. But there just might be hope for the Croftons' good-natured buffoonery yet. We posted the (hopefully not) final episode on Nashville Cream, the Scene's very own music blog, and both the positive response and the calls for a resurrective podcast series were resounding. The audience is there, and according to the Croftons, the will is there as well. Keep your fingers crossed. D. PATRICK RODGERS
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