Best Place to Work on Your Vintage Motorbike

The Zombie Shop

While vintage bike owners tend to know a thing or two about their obsessions, it's not like they got schooled overnight. Enthusiasts Brent Jackson, Mark Mosley and Kerry Campbell saw a need for a communal garage for local bike aficionados who not only couldn't always afford to outsource repairs, but who also wanted to learn to do rebuilds and tune-ups themselves. So they formed a new local co-op where gear heads of every expertise level can congregate, and also enjoy bike storage, tools, space to tinker, mentoring, workshops and a friendly environment to talk shop—all for only $40 a month. The result—which opened Oct. 9 at 504 Sixth Ave. S. on the East Side—is a DIY affair, but with all the shop services for folks still baffled by mechanics. Think of it as the place where vintage bikes are brought back to life—only without all the brain-eating. Tracy Moore

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