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Performing Artists Co-op

Co-op owner Mo Sweeney wanted to build a rehearsal space that was clean, vibey and affordable, but his East Nashville room-for-hire has become more than that. Like a cross between The Bluebird and Spanky's clubhouse, the Co-op has evolved into a kind of community center for artist-types. In addition to woodshedders, Mo's Mardi Gras-colored facility has hosted Nashville Improv and Post-Depression Theatre. Recent musical shows at the venue—which features a 24-channel, 3,000-watt PA system—have included eclectic artists like R.B. Morris, Matt Urmy and Buddy Spicher. The Co-op is available for your next shindig, but you'll have to clean up after. "Everybody takes care of this place, that's the nice thing," says Sweeney. PAUL V. GRIFFITH
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