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8 off 8th

Just when you think the 8 off 8th has exhausted its potential for new and exciting fare, we see it inspire the birth and rebirth of local musical supergroups. There was Hobbit Night, on which members of the Nashville rock community recreated the legendary Rankin & Bass cartoon version of Tolkien's story. There was The Electric Mayhem, a Muppets cover band and Martians Go Home, a tribute to '90s post-grungers Hum. And, of course, let us not forget the nefarious return of body-pop unit Spring Hill Spider Party as surprise guests—so many presumptive Kings of Leon fans were disappointed. Hell, even yours truly was a member of a one-time-only 8 off 8th troupe, the 5-hour tenure and shitty execution of which press me to speak no further. D. PATRICK RODGER
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