Best Place to Block out the Music Industry Apocalypse


We get that the industry is in freefall and that Wal-Mart—the only place in most towns where people can actually walk in and buy a new CD—has record labels by the balls. So we ought to thank our lucky stars that Grimey's remains an oasis with entire catalogs by bands-who-aren't-The-Eagles to browse and staff with fires in their bellies for worthy underdog acts. Plus, they sell vinyl—something Wal-Mart will resume stocking on a cold day in hell. Grimey's is one of the only spots in town hosting in-stores these days (The Groove is another), and—regardless of hand-wringing elsewhere—people don't tend to look so pensive leaning against the pre-loved bins, drinking free beer and catching the Drive-By Truckers right after work. Co-owner and "vinylist" Doyle Davis says he doesn't "even think of Grimey's as being in the 'music industry' any more." And that's probably a good thing. JEWLY HIGHT
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