Best Other 'Secret' Show

John Fogerty at Mercy Lounge

John Fogerty's AMA appearance at Mercy Lounge wasn't much of a secret by the time it rolled around, but that didn't keep some people from sitting it out for fear of ending up like a few hundred Kings of Leon fans who were duped into catching a performance by techno ironists Spring Hill Spider Party at the very same venue a few weeks prior. Those who decided to skip this one will likely never stop kicking themselves, and those who went still have the marks from repeatedly pinching themselves to make sure it was real. What was initially billed as a 45-minute performance became an unforgettable near-two-hour run through a dozen-plus Creedence classics—prompting Mercy co-owner Todd Ohlhauser to call it the most special moment in the club's six-year history. ADAM GOLD
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