Best Opportunity for a Heist

Fabergé, Cheekwood

If you're looking for that big score—and an opportunity to don the black beret that's been neglected at the back of your closet—grab your bag of tricks and head out to Cheekwood: There's Fabergé to be had. The Belle Meade museum is currently home to the Matilda Geddings Gray Collection of Fabergé, and if I've learned anything from cartoons, there's nothing a cat burglar loves more than them eggs—except, perhaps, black spandex. Behind the glass at Cheekwood, the intrepid bandit will also find the Russian jeweler's famous "Imperial Lillie-of-the-Valley Basket" and myriad other exquisite knickknacks. But be warned—absconding with workmanship that fine will take some skill of your own. —LEE STABERT

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