Best Opponent to Anti-Immigrant Zeal

Elliot Ozment

Elliot Ozment is perhaps the best friend a foreign national could have in this town, especially if said national runs afoul of immigration authorities. A former state legislator, Ozment now practices immigration law. He last surfaced representing Juana Villegas—the nine-months-pregnant woman who, in a shocking case that made national headlines, was arrested in Berry Hill for driving without a license, then shackled to a hospital gurney while giving birth. Before a packed courtroom, the Wizard sank his teeth into the arresting officer's hindquarters and didn't let go, seizing upon a location discrepancy between the arrest citation and the officer's testimony. "Were you lying when you filled out this form," Ozment roared, "or are you lying now in this courtroom?" In the end, he got Villegas off with a mere $10 fine instead of deportation. Well played, counselor. —P.J. TOBIA

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