Best Offbeat Public-Affairs Radio Show

Legally Speaking, WLAC-1510 AM

The next time you're sitting around on a Saturday night, hungry for free legal advice and live bluegrass, check out Legally Speaking at 7 p.m. on 1510 WLAC. Hosted by Nashville attorneys Ed Fowlkes and Steve Lefkovitz, the show features a panel of some of Nashville's sharpest legal minds, a jovial, drawling crew of barristers who take calls on matters ranging from divorce law to fraud and run-ins with the cops. (One longtime regular was John Herbison, the brilliant defense lawyer whose legal strategies have aided many Music City adult establishments in their lap dances with the law.) Best of all, there's an in-studio band that plays in and out of commercials, fronted by Fowlkes. "I play mandolin poorly, banjo worse and guitar fairly good for an amateur," Fowlkes demurs, "but I ain't no Tony Rice." Maybe not, but his closing arguments always leave juries begging for an encore. —P.J. TOBIA

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