Best New Ethnic Dining Destination

Bell Road/Blue Hole Road

How did two of Nashville's best new ethnic restaurants—one a Thai/Laotian noodle joint, the other veg-friendly Mexican—end up in the same Antioch strip mall, across from the teensy windmills, putting cages and go-kart tracks of a miniature golf complex? (Go-karts and Thai may be turning into a strange little Nashville phenomenon.) Don't ask—just gun your motor past Hickory Hell until you get to Blue Hole Road, where P.S. Noodle Pot and Los Rosales are waiting. At the Noodle Pot, owner Inpeng "Peng" Soumpholphakdy serves cold-killing, robustly seasoned bowls of tom yum broth and fresh noodles alongside staples such as the ubiquitous pad Thai, while at Los Rosales proprietor Carlos Montoya offers a fresh Tex-Mex alternative featuring offbeat dishes such as bacon-wrapped flat steak and summer squash stuffed with a custardy garlic-and-cheese filling. Resist for once the temptation to stop at Olive Garden, even if your car knows the way. —JIM RIDLEY

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