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Glass Elevator by MEEMAW

The Glass Elevator EP by MEEMAW opens with the line "Well, I'm gonna kick your ass on the Fourth of July," but the record has proven to be a year-round ass-kicker. Like legendary punk records before it, Glass Elevator is stripped of polish—the drums thud, the guitar is shrill and the bass plods, but the record likely wouldn't work any other way. The reason punk rock exploded was its immediacy—what the bands were doing was within the listeners' grasp, so an endless supply of bands cropped up. The great ones rose from the pack on the strength of their songwriting, which is why Glass Elevator doesn't sound like just another bedroom recording. Melodic without sounding sugary and aggressive without resorting to machismo, the record is packed with I-wish-I-had-written-that lines, like the resolute rejection of "Original Sin" ("I ain't scared of old hellhounds / You know I take 'em to the vet and put 'em down"). Plus it contains what became something of a local hit this past summer, the inescapably catchy "Blue in the Blacklight." —MATT SULLIVAN

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