Best Local Band Cameo in a Feature Film

Turbo Fruits in Whip It!

Harmony Korine's Trash Humpers hasn't played Nashville yet, so we don't know whether the Turbo Fruits are taking a slot that should rightfully belong to 'humpers Dave Cloud, Chris Crofton, Travis Nicholson or Brian Kotzur. But after all these years of having Austin's cool cred lorded over us, it's a juicy bit of payback to see the city's indie rockers played onscreen by a band from Nashville. (This is how it must feel to be ubiquitous rent-a-location Vancouver.) Watch for them in Drew Barrymore's irresistible roller-derby yarn backing indie-rock cutie pie Landon Pigg, perfectly cast as the kind of doe-eyed sensitive rock dude every girl should avoid like an unsanitized toilet seat. JIM RIDLEY
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