Best Local Album Only Available as an Import

Boys by Cortney Tidwell

The world of music and music labels is strange enough these days, but when the latest album from one of our own city's brightest musical exports is only available as an import—well, then we really get to scratching the old noggin. (Sure, it's on esteemed Euro imprint City Slang, but still.) It's both lucky for us and awesome of the folks at Grimey's that they worked things out so we can buy Boys—a rich, rewarding set of haunting pop songs that is one of our favorites of the year—at a reasonable, domestic-feeling price. But c'mon, American labels—get with it. Tidwell's the real deal, and this record needs to find as many stateside turntables, iPods and CD decks as possible—as soon as possible. STEVE HARUCH
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