Best Hot Wings

Knockout Wings

They're neither the hottest nor the biggest wings in town: Mojo Grill's fine radioactive flippers have them beat on both counts. But bigger wings are harder to cook properly, and hotter wings tend to leave you screaming at both ends without tasting much in the middle. This Jefferson Street eatery's wings are cooked so adroitly—deep fried to a ruddy crust, which pops every time you bite into the juicy meat inside—that they're dandy just plain. (The lemon pepper is a good alternative for folks who can't stand an unadorned drumstick.) Don't let that warn you off the heat, though—folks who crave that lip-singeing burn will come away in sweet, sweet pain. Make sure you order the airy, sweet-crusted honey biscuits, and bring a few quarters to relive your '80s mall-rat days at the Raiden game by the front counter. JIM RIDLEY

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