Best Hip-Hop Tape For Your Next Gatorade Binge

Young Buck, Cashville Takeover

There are few 21st century music trends that get my goat more than the "artist-as-omnipresent-brand" bullshit that the industry is so enamored with right now. Frankly, we like our artists to make music, not sports drinks. One of the biggest offenders is Curtis "Vitamin Water" Jackson, a.k.a. 50 Cent—so when we heard that he kicked local veteran Young Buck out of his cross-branded clusterfuck of a group, G-Unit, we did a little dance of joy. Fitty pulled some evil Nixon-esque shiz on Buck, and Y.B. came back swinging with this summer's hottest mix-tape, Cashville Takeover. Packed with lyrical intensity, hot beats and fresh guests, Takeover brings it all back to what really counts—some seriously dope music. —SEAN L. MALONEY

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