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Trader Joe's

Trader Joe's fanatics can agree that we had to wait far too long to acquire an outpost of the store in Nashville. One reason for the cultish gushing TJ's inspires is their creative specialty products—have you tried the Armenian string cheese? Chocolate-covered peanut-filled pretzels? Baked brie en croute? Wasabi peas? Chocolate-filled whole-wheat cereal bites? (This one's my favorite—it's a snack and a cereal in one, you see.) Others include the store's laid-back, organic-y vibe (they're based in California) and generous free samples. And the employees, who are paid an above-union wage, seem unusually cheerful. But a final reason to be excited about TJ's is more prosaic: They offer low prices on grocery staples like dairy, nuts and frozen fish. What's not to love? Emily Bartlett Hines

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