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Mayo's & Mahalia Jackson's Fried Pies & Chicken

Not long ago, I ordered a fried peach pie at Erika White's chicken stand on Jefferson and stepped aside so the woman behind me could order. To her dismay, I'd gotten the day's last pie—but her voice was so full of hurt that I offered her half mine. She took a bite, fluttered her eyes, and moaned, "Awww, that's it." To say that folks have missed E.W. Mayo's fried pies since his Buchanan Street kitchen closed is an understatement: The cultural caretakers at the Southern Foodways Alliance even commemorated his pies as a regional treasure. White reopened at 2008 Jefferson this summer using Mayo's recipe, and ever since she's been dishing out the half-moon delicacies with the crisp brown hand-crimped crust for just $1.50. She's also got the best hot fish sandwich this side of the Cumberland and killer hot wings, and we hear the football-sized Philly steak's no slouch either. JIM RIDLEY

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