Best Flatbread

U.S.A. Bakery

One of the city's best-kept secrets, this Persian bakery stashed behind Gorilla's Mufflers on a side street off Nolensville Road is housed in a building much harder to notice than the U-Haul rental on the opposite corner. Walk inside, head back past the grocery stocked with take-home meals, sauce mixes and exotic cheeses, and pretty soon you're in the back room facing a bank of weathered ovens and a cart heaped with mounds of chewy fresh-baked flatbread the size of a large pizza. Imagine a cross between naan and flour tortillas, and you're on the right track. The bakers start their work just before sun-up, and often the bread is still warm in its plastic sacks. The best part: A pack of four flatbread discs goes for just $2. Turn onto Elysian Fields and start looking immediately for the small, high square sign. JIM RIDLEY

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