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Belcourt Theatre

Remember a decade ago when we used to look at the awesome independent movie theaters in other cities—the Alamo Drafthouse in Austin, the Music Box in Chicago, Film Forum in New York—and wish we had one? Now we do, and the greatest thing about the city's last historic theater (besides the fact that the entire community had a hand in saving it) is that it has successfully combined elements of the others while remaining unique to Nashville. The theater's recent survey of homelessness on film was a valiant, under-attended effort, but its first-rate film-noir series earlier this year was a smash, and next month's complete Stanley Kubrick retro (yes, including his first feature, the never-shown-in-Nashville Fear and Desire) looks to be a blockbuster. And this week brings the International Black Film Festival (see story on p. 135) followed by the Nashville Jewish Film Festival—constituent-driven events that multiply the city's viewing options. In short: If you can't find something to watch here, kindly donate your eyes to someone who'll use them. —JIM RIDLEY

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