Best Excuse to Get Wasted and Wallow in Your Own Filth


Some of our friends bailed when the rains came. Some of our friend spent hours in line for a hot shower. Some of our friends even changed their underwear—but not us! No, once a year we let ourselves—to paraphrase Robert Downey Jr.—go “full hippie” and let all interest in fresh scents and anti-fungal foot powders fall by the wayside. Sure, some might be offended by our odiferous emanations, but odds are they’re too wasted to notice. Hell, we were so drunk at this year’s Bonnaroo that we still haven’t shaken the hangover almost four months later. And our shoes still have this weird rotten-flesh smell. And that rash hasn’t gone away. But all that just gets us stoked to do it again next year—if our limbs don’t fall off, that is. SEAN L. MALONEY
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