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It's not easy to make good architecture out of high-rise residential, as witness Encore, Icon, Viridian and the horrors looming over West End near Vanderbilt. The Adelicia and Terrazzo, however, show that it's possible. Balconies are the major design challenge posed by the multi-story multi-unit dwelling. While apparently a deal-breaker for would-be purchasers—one would think that sitting or standing on what's essentially a glorified ledge would be a sure-fire inducement of buyers' remorse—these airborne corrals tend to give a bad case of acne to a building's face. Adelicia holds its balconies within its façade. Their placement on Terrazzo minimizes negative capabilities. The result is skins worth admiring—non-fussy, contemporary lines and decent materials—as well as proportions that don't bully their neighbors. CHRISTINE KREYLING
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