Best British Invasion

Global Market/Whole Foods

For a taste of the Old Sod, look no further than Global Market (918 Vine Street, near the Adventure Science Center) and Whole Foods. Here homesick Anglophiles will find PG Tips teas, Heinz salad cream and the top names in British junk food: Hula Hoops, Hob Nobs, Ginger Nuts, Twiglets and Walkers crisps. (The last comes in eccentric flavors like Worcestershire and marmite.) The selection at the two stores barely overlaps, and Whole Foods stocks three of my most-missed UK foods: Branston pickle (for cheese and pickle sandwiches, the PB&J of England), Scottish oat cakes (rugged texture, delicious with cheese) and Hildon water, possibly the finest-bubbled sparkling water ever captured in a bottle. —NICKI P. WOOD

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