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The Cajun specialty boudin (pronounced "boo-DAN") is a sausage casing stuffed with a mixture of rice and organ meat. Appetizing, huh? It is if you're buying it from a rice cooker at some Gas 'n' Sip near Lake Charles, La., where it may be the world's greatest convenience-store food, but we pretty much gave up on it in Middle Tennessee after getting a sample years ago that tasted like the inside of a Popeye's dumpster. Then we saw Jennifer Boone-Henry stationed at her smoker outside her hole-in-the-wall Berry Hill lunch spot—or rather, we smelled the plumes of sausage-scented smoke—and all is now right with the world. Firm and not at all mushy, hers is imported from Louisiana, and she suggests you eat it by squeezing it from the casing onto saltine crackers. Stick around for her steak kebabs, a selection of sausages from chorizo to kielbasa, and what to our knowledge is a Nashville first, the foot-long hamburger. It's at 2815 Bransford Ave., 292-2147. JIM RIDLEY

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