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Have you been saying for years, "I really need to check out the ballet," yet you sit at home Friday nights watching Law & Order reruns? Are you a closeted opera fan? Still never seen a show at TPAC? Has the Community Foundation of Middle Tennessee got a deal for you! Through its one-stop arts and entertainment website, the foundation is offering a hellacious bargain: the Arts A La Carte package features three vouchers redeemable for one performance each from the Tennessee Repertory Theatre, Nashville Ballet and Nashville Opera, all for $99 (plus a small handling fee). We're guessing that's less than your monthly cable bill. And if you think your 52-inch TV is high-def, wait till you experience the arts in non-simulated, real-time, 3-D live action. Not only will it get you off the couch, it'll do your soul good. For more information, visit JACK SILVERMAN

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