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Austin post-rockers Balmorhea produce textured, cinematic soundscapes



Continuing the adventurous musical lineage of Austin — the hotbed responsible for Explosions in the Sky — classical-influenced quintet Balmorhea blend Americana, ambient textures and chamber orchestration, earning high marks from the BBC, Pitchfork and NPR, among others. Formed by Michael Muller and Rob Lowe in 2006, Balmorhea have quietly cultivated an international following that includes filmmakers, video game developers and even the benevolent shoemakers at TOMS, each group having commissioned the band for original or licensed soundtrack work. Cinematic as their sound may be, Balmorhea don't follow the quiet-loud-quiet-louder script of Explosions, This Will Destroy You or the countless other post-rock bands whose names are borderline histrionic. Instead, their four records collectively recall the minimalism of Rachel's, Arvo Pärt and Peter Broderick, only filtered through a definitively Texan, Cormac McCarthy-esque aesthetic that manages to stir without a drop of distortion.


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