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Arthur M. Schlesinger, Jr. Book Discussion


In Journals, 1952-2000, sons Andrew and Stephen Schlesinger select from the 6,000-plus journal pages their father left to provide an inside view of an amazingly full life. Arthur, the prolific historian and dedicated Democrat, knew all the culture and power shapers of these years, and he wielded such charm, wit and intellectual heft that they freely unburdened themselves to him. He worked for Adlai Stevenson and the three Kennedys, writing brilliant speeches, influencing campaign policy and pushing an idealistic but pragmatic liberalism. His Journals document his love of politics ("the best of all spectator sports"), conventions, parties and his appreciation of personalities and opinions--such as Kissinger's verdict that "Donald Rumsfeld was the rottenest person he had known in government," and RFK's that Nixon "had no taste."
Mon., Oct. 6, 6:30 p.m., 2008

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