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An excerpt from our talk with Animal Collective's Geologist

Collective Bargaining



Brian Weitz, who performs under the stage name Geologist as avant anti-rockers Animal Collective's sound manipulator, tells the Scene he and his bandmates were just as surprised as their detractors when they became darlings of the indie world.

"I think we were very comfortable with the idea that we were not for everybody," says Weitz. "For a long time, pretty much up until [2009's] Merriweather [Post Pavilion], we were just in a constant state of shock, like, 'I can't believe this many people are into us.' ... And the few people that didn't, we kinda got why they didn't like us. It was really easy for us to say, 'Well, they like rock music; we're not rock music.' And we actually try very hard to not sound like just a guitar-bass-and-drums band."

Ironically, Animal Collective's latest, Centipede Hz — aesthetically, a predominately electronic affair — is the band's version of a rock album, Weitz says.

"What we were actually trying for with Centipede Hz — that actually was a time when we wanted to feel like a rock band," he says. "We were listening to a lot of garage rock, a lot of '70s progressive acid rock, and we were like, 'We wanna do something like this, but we don't want it to sound dated or like some retro thing, we want it to sound very current.' "

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