Amy Schumer

When: Aug. 2-3 2013

Anyone who tries to claim that women aren’t funny — and yes, those dummies still exist in 2013 — is a) an enormous, novelty-sized douchebag, and b) has obviously never listened to Amy Schumer. On her debut album Cutting, Schumer avoids the pitfalls of Seinfeldian observational comedy by jabbing straight at the heart of sex, relationships, partying and, uh, Maury Povich, with dark, “gotcha” punchlines that swerve away from your expectations at the last possible second. Since Cutting dropped, Schumer has gone on to rip Charlie Sheen a well-deserved new one (and rile up Jackass fans everywhere with a perhaps ill-timed Ryan Dunn joke) on a Comedy Central Roast and create the acclaimed sketch series Inside Amy Schumer. Don’t be surprised if Schumer’s next visit to town is at TPAC.

Lance Conzett



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