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Admiral Browning at Springwater

Band Not Seeking Vocalist


Instrumental bands usually have to choose between atmospherics or sheer technique, something to justify the absence of a vocalist. Admiral Browning doesn't really do any of that. Without a doubt, they've got chops, but they don't always lean on those, showing an equal fondness for playing low and slow. Like-minded bands such as Pelican generally produce frustrating results, but the Admiral's superior chops give them a leg up. The Maryland trio lift themselves out of their doomy bog only to immediately jump into a neighboring proggy one. The shred sections are reminiscent of another instru-metal powerhouse (The Fucking Champs), though the Admiral's take isn't quite as ambitions. Still, the topsy-turvy and unexpected turns are a perfect counterbalance to the dronier sections.
Sat., April 3, 9 p.m., 2010

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