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Well, we never thought we’d see this, but over the summer we learned that dietary fat may, in fact, be good for you. Given that surprising bit of good news, here are some more headlines we’d like to see:

♦ Tongue-tied Mayor Purcell expresses emotion, even anger.

♦ After months of rumors of infatuation, schools director Pedro Garcia and union honcho Harry McMackin are spotted holding hands at school board meeting.

♦ Titans tell Metro: “Thanks for building us our stadium. Anything we can do to show our thanks please let us know.”

♦ Toby Keith speaks at local mosque, talks about converting to Islam.

♦ Vandy football beats up on Vols. UT’s Phil Fulmer says, “I’m just glad we kept it close.”

♦ TDOT stops road project, encourages light rail initiative, taxes SUVs and gives roadbuilders lobby the cold shoulder.

♦ When a Second Avenue business shuts its doors, nobody blames the closing of Opryland.

♦ Victoria Hansen, Neil Orne trade punches live on Channel 2 set. Both end up looking disheveled.

♦ Purcell disbands Metro Council. Nobody notices.

♦ Bob Clement, Lamar Alexander, Van Hilleary and Phil Bredesen appear at a support group for African American lesbian environmentalists. All candidates pledge to work hard for the group’s support.

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