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A Face in the Crowd


—Eric England

SHARITA MILTON, crossing guard, Lockeland Elementary

How long have you been a crossing guard? Since February 2005, and I love it.

What's the best part about it? It's just two hours a day and summer vacation. I love seeing the kids every day.

Any favorites? They're all my favorites.

Do you have children of your own? Yes, I have a 13-month-old baby, and my son just graduated from Stratford on Thursday, and my daughter is going to TSU.

You look awfully young for all that. Thank you.

Do you ever get guys whistling at you while you're working? Yeah, sometimes. I don't pay them any attention.

What's the secret of life in your opinion? I'm a happy person. I like to smile and make people happy around me. The secret to life is in a smile. Just be happy and don't let anyone try to steal your joy. Just remember that God is still able no matter what's going on around you.

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