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A combination vintage store, gallery and grindhouse forms East Nashville's newest magnet of hip

The Little Shop of (Awesome) Horrors



One of the newest of hip businesses to open in East Nashville may well prove to be one of the most unique and coolest locales in all of Music City — Logue's Black Raven Emporium. Owned and operated by artist and local rock scene veteran Robert Logue (Royal Court of China, The Shakers), his wife Cemile Bagci-Logue and film collector Robert Slendorn, Black Raven is a unique counter-culture DIY retail and entertainment complex.

Taking over the old veterinary clinic building on the corner of Gallatin Pike and Trinity Lane, the upstairs has been transformed into a retail space for vintage and new clothing, boots, shoes, handbags original art, prints, unusual used books, and all manner of eccentric "various & sundries." Think classic department store filtered through 30 years of goth-punk-retro culture. 

But the lower level of the building is where things get really interesting. Descending from the back of the building into a foyer and ticket booth area that invokes the feel of classic Times Square grindhouses, one enters the emporium's "Cult Fiction Underground" — a lounge area and 40-seat theater space where Logue plans to hold regular screenings of cult, exploitation and horror films, along with other special arts events. 

"I've always been a little bit of a dilettante," Logue says. "I love doing a lot of different things, I'm interested in a lot of different things, and I've jumped around a lot. This is a way to put them all together into one thing." 

The Emporium and Underground is an idea that had been fermenting in Logue's mind for a number of years. As with many other people who have been forced by the 800-pound gorilla of the recession to reinvent themselves, it took being laid off from his longtime job on Music Row to push him into action. 

His desire to open some type of unique arts venue — an outlet for his artwork, his wife Cemile's longtime interest and knowledge of vintage and couture fashion, and the support of film collector and video dealer Slendorn — resulted in the strange bird that is Black Raven. The building will also house an East Side outpost of Ben and Stacey Dixon's Lone Wolf Tattoo Art.

Logue says the upstairs will most likely open in a couple of weeks, with an official grand opening to follow in January 2012. The theater space will take somewhat longer — a bathroom still needs to be built — but Logue expects screenings to commence in early 2012. 

Logue's Black Raven Emporium is located at 2915 Gallatin Pike in East Nashville. Visit their Facebook page for opening notices and schedules of upcoming events at the Cult Fiction Underground.


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