Mural of the Day: Rone Trespasses at Packing Plant



Facebook can be a great resource for keeping up-to-date with everything from road closures to restaurant openings to new music releases — I don't see how anyone gets through a day without it. The site can even tip you off to artistic adventures that are in the process of happening at the moment they are posted. That's what occurred yesterday when Nashville art insider Andee Rudloff posted a pic of a mural being painted on the side of the Packing Plant building in Wedgewood-Houston. She "tagged" me so I "liked" the post and then "drove" to the "West Side" to see the "mural."

Vince Herrera of Trespass in Clarksville arranged for Australian artist Rone to paint the mural during his Middle Tennessee visit. The piece is a large portrait of the face of an Australian model photographed by the artist — he was painting the massive visage using a roller on the end of a long handle when I arrived, but he was making some impressive moves with the clumsy instrument and the mural was already looking sexy as hell late yesterday afternoon.

Rone and Herrera were both in good spirits, but clearly wilting in the hot, hot heat — in Australia the heat is a much drier heat, you know; Rone commented on the sun was blasting back off the wall when he had to lean in close for some detailed brush work. However, in my short meeting with these brave crusaders I could see that they were straight-standing men of fortitude and courage who'd endure all manner of unspeakable tortures in the name of their big-eyed muse. Herrera practically damned the sun itself when he threatened to move his gallery to Nashville, and promised he'd be back next year with a group showing of mural artists he'd set loose on the streets of the city. I took him at his word remembering that the difference between an honest man and a mad one is that only one of them is a liar.

See the object of their affection at the Arts & Music at Wedgewood/Houston events this Saturday night. In the meantime, here is a sneak peek...




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