Corporate Juggernaut Presents Friends & Friends, Tonight at The East Room



Every once in a while, someone will ask me for a rundown of what stand-up comedy is like in Nashville — where shows happen, who's funny, what's worth checking out. And usually, my answer is a shrug and list of open mics. (Sorry.) But not tonight! Tonight, Corporate Juggernaut presents its seldom seen Friends & Friends show, a free showcase of some of the city's best alternative comedy talent at The East Room.

Hosted by comedic duo and actual friends Sean Staggs and Doug Morinec, Friends & Friends is the first show Corporate Juggernaut ever held, back in the halcyon days of 2011. Originally just the trinity of CJ founders, Gary Fletcher, James Austin Johnson and John Thornton Jr., the show has grown out of its Bongo After Hours Theater roots and expanded to feature nine comics (plus hosts Staggs and Morinec).

In this edition, Friends & Friends welcomes Brett Cantrell, DJ Buckley, Michael Hampton, Mary Jay Berger, Ben Sawyer, Josh Inocalla, Brad Edwards, Alex Poloskey and headliner Sean Parrott to the stage. It isn't often that you'll get this many talented local comics in the same room where they aren't just fucking around for four minutes at an open mic, so this is a great opportunity to get a foothold in the local comedy scene.

The show kicks off at 8 p.m. And costs zero dollars — a price tag that must be awfully palatable after you assuredly spent all of your money on Wild West Comedy Festival tickets following today's cover story. If you'd prefer not to leave the house, many of the performers appeared on stage for Corporate Juggernaut's Lineup show, which was taped (in as much as two iPads recording while propped up by wine boxes is taping) and released onto the internet last week. You can check the whole playlist on YouTube.

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